ThermiVa®: The Answer to Your Problems “Down There”

Beverly Hills Urinary Incontinence TreatmentOnly so many years ago, most women would rather stay silent about their normal genital issues to avoid a feeling of embarrassment. A woman might be hard pressed to discuss private bodily issues, such as urinary incontinence, uncomfortable vaginal dryness, or even loose and unattractive labia even with a close friend, let alone a doctor. But with the introduction of the vaginal rejuvenation device ThermiVa, millions of women are booking appointments to take advantage of the life-changing benefits. ThermiVa treatments have given women the confidence to address a wide range of urinary and gynecological symptoms simply because the device offers amazing results without any need for painful surgery, unpredictable medications, or downtime.

Urinary incontinence, loss of sensation, and vulvovaginal dryness may be common symptoms of aging and childbirth, but that doesn’t mean that women should just live with them. ThermiVa offers a simple solution to a myriad of feminine health issues. Unlike in previous years, women can get the help they need without having to undergo a vaginoplasty or labiaplasty. Get in touch with the Institute for Incontinence and Vaginal Reconstruction in Beverly Hills to begin your vaginal rejuvenation journey with ThermiVa today.

A Non-Surgical Solution for Female Urinary Incontinence and Gynecological Issues in Los Angeles

ThermiVa uses radiofrequency technology to gently warm internal and external tissue, such as the labia majora and minora, and the vaginal canal, which not only shrinks and tightens the tissue but also stimulates collagen and elastin fiber production. These fibers are major components of skin and connective tissue. They essentially help the skin feel firm and supple again. The non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment ThermiVa has a wide range of benefits for the look, feel, and function of a woman’s vagina and also bladder, offering an incredibly effective solution for the following issues:

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Female stress urinary incontinence is very common among women of all ages, whether due to menopause, childbirth, pregnancy, hysterectomy, or other condition. If the uterine and pelvic muscles become stretched or weakened (pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, etc) it can be difficult for women to control their bladders, resulting in leaks or accidents, especially when exerting pressure on the bladder (stress incontinence) by sneezing, squatting, running, or other activity. ThermiVa treatments can help women regain control by tightening and firming the pelvic muscles and tissue responsible for urination. Using ThermiVa to reduce female urinary incontinence can also help prevent recurring urinary tract infections and yeast infections.

Vaginal Dryness

The majority of women entering perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause will experience vaginal dryness as a result of their bodies’ decreased estrogen production; however, dryness can occur as a result of other health conditions as well. Without adequate moisture in the area, the delicate skin can tear or become irritated and women can experience pain during sex and even vaginal atrophy or prolapse. The radiofrequency waves of ThermiVa help improve natural moisture and lubrication by stimulating blood flow and nerve generation in the tissue, which helps aid in tissue and gland function in and around the vagina.

Loose, Stretched Tissue

Age, hormone fluctuations, pregnancy, and childbirth can cause the delicate vaginal tissue to stretch and sag, which can make many women feel self-conscious or embarrassed. In some cases, the sagging skin can be extended to the point that even walking and moving creates painful friction against the skin, or the extended labia may even be visible when wearing tight-fitting clothing. ThermiVa treatment offers a quick solution to vaginal looseness by significantly tightening the loose skin, dramatically improving the appearance as well as the feel of a woman’s labia and vulvar area.

Weakened Pelvic Muscles

Pregnancy and childbirth can put enormous strain on a woman’s pelvic muscles, whether or not she has a vaginal delivery or c-section. The pelvic muscles and surrounding tissue are crucial for bladder function and gynecological health. Weakened pelvic muscles can lead to prolapse, urinary incontinence, and decreased sexual satisfaction. Fortunately, when administered by a skilled Beverly Hills urologist, like the doctors at Institute for Incontinence and Vaginal Reconstruction, ThermiVa can make the muscles and tissue of the pelvic region firmer and more stable. The stronger pelvic muscles also help women experience more intense orgasms as a result, making ThermiVa treatments an ideal solution for women as well as their partners.

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Loss of Sensitivity

As the vaginal canal and tissues become loose or stretched the nerves can become strained and dulled as a result. Many women experience less sexual satisfaction and sensitivity as they grow older, which can significantly reduce their sexual desire and negatively impact their romantic relationship. ThermiVa emits a radiofrequency energy that stimulates collagen production as well as increased blood flow and nerve development in the vagina. After just one ThermiVa treatment, many women notice a profound improvement in their sex lives and can even achieve multiple orgasms. Many happy patients in Los Angeles credit ThermiVa with recharging their love life.

In a Nutshell: ThermiVa® Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • What is it? A non-surgical office-based device that uses radiofrequency technology to promote natural collagen production and tissue rejuvenation by application of gentle thermal energy.
  • Benefits: Significant improvement in the appearance of external female genitalia (even with one session), tighter vagina, improved lubrication, enhanced orgasms, better urinary control, better vaginal sensations.
  • Details: 30-min sessions, only 3 treatment sessions in a series, results last 9-12 months, zero downtime, no pain or discomfort

Contact Our ThermiVa Experts Today!

If you suffer from incontinence, discomfort, or other vaginal issues, schedule a consultation with a talented urologist in Beverly Hills to learn about how ThermiVa treatments can help you. Most women enjoy noticeable (and visible) results after just one session. After the standard three sessions, women experience a complete transformation of the vagina and bladder. Don’t wait to regain the control and pleasure you deserve at any age!

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